Canarias Cultura

"And Rosana arrived. In that moment, all of us suffer a wave of emotion. It was a special quality arrangement because it did not lose any essence from the original themes of the singer from Lanzarote. The first musical notes from the piece Si tú no estás aquí allured us.

It is a great song that can reachs your heart and when you listen it with an orchestra it is stunning. The detail of fusing this theme with the next one Talismán shows the arranger´s quality with her orchestration. She was revealing little by little what it was going to happen and the ballad became a tango! I would have never expected that, but it happened.

A tango with an incredible trumpet solo playing the main melody. But there was another surprise: the arrangement of the music piece Llegaremos a tiempo, it was wonderful. After a brief introduction, the main melody arrived with the oboe. It was amazing! What a beautiful song and a nice musical developing in this magic moment! The oboe, strings, saxophone, electric guitar and the other instruments were playing in different fragments, more and more exciting, everything made in a delicate way, in dribs and drabs…"