The Big Band offers a wide selection of compositions of groups and authors like Los Gofiones, Pablo Milanés, Braulio, Claudio Marrero, Rayko León, José Carlos Cubas, Kiko Aguado, Natanael Ramos, Miguel Blanco, Catalino Curret or the young lady, Celia Rivero. Her composition has been selected among all the student works of Canary Superior Conservatory of Music. Moreover, the Canarian-Indian Singer Mónica Dayaram and Manolo Estupiñán will take part as guest artists with the Band.


At this fourth edition of author arrangements , the woman role stands out, for the creation and for the interpretation part. Celia Rivero, composer and arranger, and Mónica Dayaram, singer, are good examples of how women have a strong presence in the music area, generally, and in the jazz area, particularly.